For Insureds

For Insureds

For Insureds

For Insureds

As a business owner, paying for your insurance premiums is a necessary obligation. Let us make it easier!

Take Advantage of Insurance Premium Finance Benefits

  • Preserve your cash/capital for other business opportunities and priorities
  • Keep your credit line(s) open
  • Earn more on retained capital than by paying your insurance premium upfront
  • Enjoy flexible and convenient payment options
  • Make one installment payment that works for your business
  • Afford additional insurance coverage
  • Relax knowing your rate and payments will not increase over the term of your loan
First Insite

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While logged into FIRST InSite, you can chat online with one of our customer service representatives, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST.

Download our mobile app and access your account info on the go!

Everything regarding your account is available on our website, mobile app, or automated phone system with no waiting!

Go Paperless!

Receive all billing statements and notices by email the same day they are generated. Sign up when logged into FIRST InSite.

How Premium Finance Works

iIsured Purchase Policy

The Insured: Purchase Policy

You decide to purchase insurance policies through an agency

Agent Getsquote-

The Agent: FIRST InSite

Agent enters basic details into FIRST InSite and receives a quote with payment terms

iIsured Purchase Policy

The Insured Agrees to Finance their Premium

The insured reads and signs the premium finance agreement

First Provides Funding


We provide the funding to pay the premiums

Insured Makes Monthly Payments

The Insured:  Installment Payments 

You pay FIRST installment payments and enjoy the ability to use capital for other business priorities

Make installment payments on your loan with our convenient options:

PAY ONLINE or with FIRST InSite Mobile App 24/7/365 
Log into FIRST InSite to pay by credit card or bank account*.
We accept American Express, Mastercard, VISA, and Discover with virtually no limit.**

Payment Options

You can sign up to make automatic installment payments with your bank account when using FIRST InSite online. 

First time users: find your user name and temporary password in your Welcome Letter/Notice of Acceptance.

PAY BY PHONE 24/7/365
Call 800-837-2511 and follow the prompts to pay with your bank account*.

Mail checks to:
FIRST Insurance Funding
PO Box 7000
Carol Stream, IL 60197-7000

Address overnight checks to:
FIRST Insurance Funding
450 Skokie Blvd., Suite 1000
Northbrook, IL 60062

Use Western Union.

Wire transfer and coupon books available upon request. 

*A fee may apply for some options listed.  Please allow up to one business day for payments to post to your loan.
**The maximum transaction limit is $9,999,999.00.